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Connect with past students of Wales, get event invitations, news and offer
mentoring to current Wales students.

Welcome to Wales Dragons – a website aimed at former students and staff at Wales High School

Welcome to the Wales Dragons Alumni website. This website aims to help you continue your relationship with Wales High School. You might simply keep in touch with friends, or establish a network of contacts to support you in your chosen career.

Whatever your reasons for joining the Alumni community, we hope that you will establish a mutually beneficial and lifelong relationship with the school. This is simply the beginning as we aim to promote and develop a family which supports our current students and past students alike.

The Wales High School Alumni Community is a forum for all its former students to maintain a link with their school. Membership is free and the site will provide news and updates regarding what is happening in school.

It will also allow you, if you wish, to talk with other alumni community members. The intention is to establish a network of contacts which will be mutually beneficial and supportive to yourselves and the school. You will also be able to communicate with the school. You perhaps might need a reference, or may be looking to employ a school leaver. There will be numerous opportunities for our relationship to flourish and grow.

This site will enable you to get in touch with the school friends you have lost contact with. Your teachers may also be Alumni members.

Keep updated with the latest news from Wales High School. Stay in the know and follow the current events as well as following which of your teachers are still at Wales.

Expand your network of contacts through working with the school and other Alumni students or become a mentor and role model for our current students.