About Wales Dragons

About Wales Dragons

What is the Wales Dragons Alumni?

This website aims to help you continue your relationship with Wales High School. You might simply keep in touch with friends, or establish a network of contacts to support you in your chosen career.

Whatever your reasons for joining the Alumni community, we hope that you will establish a mutually beneficial and lifelong relationship with the school. This is simply the beginning as we aim to promote and develop a family which supports our current students and past students alike.

All pupils are encouraged to achieve their full potential and high standards are maintained throughout the school. The school has a successful academic record and is concerned for the personal development of all pupils.


Once you have filled in the registration form you request will be reviewed by a member of staff to verify that you have attended Wales High School. Upon approval you will be emailed to say you have been accepted, you can then proceed to login to the Wales Dragons website.

What can I expect?

The website allows you to connect with other past Wales High School students through the use of Contacts and Messaging; you can find your friends and add them as a contact, you can then send messages back and forth with the user.

Wales Dragons also allows you to view member profiles and search through the Alumni database, as well as viewing Event Calendars, Invitations to events and the latest news. You will be subscribed to a monthly newsletter specifically for Wales Dragons members.